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Tanaka Boutique Tea Farm Factory and Tea Farm
Tanaka Boutique Tea Farm Factory and Tea Farm


Izumi city, where Tanaka Boutique Tea Farm is located, welcomes more than ten thousand cranes ever winter after they make the flight from Siberia, and it has many samurai residences built 400 years ago by the Satsuma Domain.

Tanaka Boutique Tea Farm grows and makes organic green teas on the Uwaba Highland, about 550m in altitude above the city.

Tanaka Boutique Tea Farm Location 2


After World War II, our predecessor (grandfather of the owner) came to this once uncultivated land as a pioneer group, developed the farm using traditional farming techniques, and planted tea seeds.

We started organic tea farming earlier than any other tea farmers in Kagoshima, as we recognized that organic farming is best suited for both humans and nature.  Through careful trial and error, we developed new farming methods such as the use of fermented fertilizers, unique pest control, and have reached the current organic farming style.


Tanaka Boutique Tea Farm Weeding


Our tea farm now stretches across the slope of the mountain now, and the varieties of cultivars such as Yabukita, Asanoka, Asatsuyu, Okumidori, Nanmei, Saeakari, Native variety are planted in the most appropriate location for each.  The big temperature difference, the snowy cold winter, and the foggy and fresh air ensure the tea leaves grow with their distinctive taste and rich flavor.

Our teas are a gift from our natural ecosystem.  And we blend various cultivars to bring out each tea’s character and essential balance.  Please enjoy our safe and tasty green teas.




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