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Best Of Farmers – Tamaryokucha & Kamairicha

Sold By: SONO ORGANIC Bundle

1 Set of best products of SONO farmers.


This set includes

Tamaryokucha (steamed Tamaryokucha) x 1 pack

Kamairicha (roasted Tamaryokucha ) – Highest Grade x 1 pack.


Fully enjoy the best steamed Tamaryokucha and the best roasted Tamaryokucha of SONO ORGANIC!


Tamaryokucha maintains its initial shape and manufacturing process of Japanese green teas.  Less than 3 % of total Japanese green tea production.  Please enjoy the strong umami, astringency with Tamaryokucha (steamed Tamaryokucha) from Fujihara Tea Growers, and refreshing, clear aftertaste with Kamairicha (roasted Tamaryokucha) – Highest Grade from Miyazaki Sabo.  Both tea leaves are Yabukita cultivar.

Sold By: SONO ORGANIC Bundle