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Fujihara Tea Growers – Flight of Two Steamed Tamaryokucha

Sold By: Fujihara Tea Growers

1 Set of steamed tamaryokucha products from Fujihata Tea Growers.


This set includes

Tamaryokucha (steamed Tamaryokucha) x 1 pack

Tamaryokucha (steamed Tamaryokucha) – Kabusecha Blended x 1 pack.
Are you interested in tasting and comparing steamed tamaryokucha with different blends?
This is a set of an open field grown tea and a mix of open field and shade grown tea leaves.
You can taste the blessings of the nature of Okuizumo with Tamaryokucha – the leaves grown in an open field only.
Tamaryokucha – Kabusecha blend gives you sweeter taste because some leaves were grown shade cultivation that preserves amino-acids.
Which one meets your palate?


The package of Tamaryokucha is a new package and the same great taste.

Sold By: Fujihara Tea Growers