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Farmers’ Special – Tamaryokucha Kabusecha Blended & Kamairicha Handpicked of Your Choice

Sold By: SONO Special

A rare tea set.  Please select your one favorite cultivar among Kamairicha handpicked products.

This set includes

Tamaryokucha (steamed Tamaryokucha) Kabusecha Blended (3.527 oz /100 g) x 1 pack and

Your choice of Kamairicha (roasted Tamaryokucha ) Handpicked (1.764 oz / 50g) x 1 pack.


Tamaryokucha Kabusecha Blended is a new trial tea produced by Fujihara Tea Growers in Shimane, historically known as a good quality production region. Most Shimane teas are consumed in the same region.


Kamairicha handpicked products are available in limited quantities.
Here are the brief characteristics of each cultivar.

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We hope any of them will satisfy your good taste.