Steamed Tamaryokucha is called Mushisei Tamaryokucha in Japanese. And another nickname is Guricha. Most Tamaryokucha on the market is the steamed type. Also, this tea has similar characteristics to Sencha, except for the leaf shape. Like roasted Tamaryokucha, this tea’s leaves don’t go through the process of making the leaves straight. Therefore, it has slightly curled leaves. Steamed Tamaryokucha has looser and a less curled leaf shape than roasted Tamaryokucha. Like roasted Tamaryokucha, please use a little higher temperature water than Sencha to brew this tea.

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Fujihara Tea Growers – Tamaryokucha

Sold By: Fujihara Tea Growers

Used young and soft tea leaves harvested around the beginning of May.  Less astringent and mild tasting Tamaryokucha.  Enjoy the leaves grown in the rich nature of Okuizumo.  Smooth taste with slightly curved tea leaves.  Tamaryokucha is also called Guricha.

Sold By: Fujihara Tea Growers