Sencha products make up more than 70% of all Japanese teas on the market. People drink Sencha more than any other product in Japan. And the taste and flavor changes by production area and the season of the harvest. The tea leaf shape is like a needle. Sencha products are rich in catechins and vitamin C. And the earlier the harvest season, the more amino acids are preserved. Also, various levels of steaming are involved in the manufacturing process of these products. The most common is standard steam. However, medium steamed is growing more popular, and more products can be found on the market nowadays. Deep steamed Sencha has a smaller particle size, so please brew for a much shorter time.

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Green Tea Powder Set – Kamairicha & Benifuki

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

Green tea powder grown in the sun and rich in catechins.

Do you know only 35% of tea leaf nutrients are extracted to tea liquid?  65% is left in tea leaves.

Please enjoy the whole nutrition of tea leaves with this power tea set.

Kamairicha Powder has yellow green color and gives you roasting aroma.

Benifuki green tea powder was found to have an anti-allergy effect.

Both powder teas are good for your health.



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