Kukicha products are secondary products of Sencha or Gyokuro.  And tea tree stems and young shoots from Sencha or Gyokuro make this tea.   Also, this product line brings more sweetness, umami, and flavor than leaves.  In addition, it gives you the unique clear taste and aroma.  Further, we value “Karigane“, “Shiraore” for Kukicha made from Gyokuro and high grade Sencha.  Because they have great taste and spacial flavors.  Please enjoy Kukicha products with the same brewing method as Sencha and Gyokuro.

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Miyazaki Sabo – Kuki Hōjicha

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo

This Kuki Hōjicha is carefully selected stems from Kamairicha, and roasted. Enjoy both pan parched flavor of Kamairicha and roasted flavor of Hōjicha. Great aroma and refreshing taste. Received the Emperor’s Trophy, Minister of Agriculture Forestry Award.

Sold By: Miyazaki Sabo