SONO ORGANIC is an organic e-marketplace, and we act as an intermediary between Japanese tea producers and individual consumers in various countries.  We sell organic Japanese teas and will expand to other products.  Please check our current variety of tea products on our online shop.


Firstly, all tea growers affiliated with SONO ORGANIC have organic certifications.  Therefore, all products on our site are organic.  Our tea growers can sell only the products they grow on their farms.


Secondly, we offer products to overseas individual customers.  Currently we sell to a select number of regions in the world, offering multiple shipping methods.  In the long run, we want to expand to more countries, offer broader currency options and provide a bigger range of shipping methods to meet customer needs.


And thirdly, about us.  SONO facilitates all purchase transactions, including shipping and payment.  Further, we continue making efforts to offer better shopping experiences and information resources to people who visit and use SONO.  We aim to minimize our costs and improve efficiencies, passing the financial benefits back to our tea farmers and buyers.


Thank you for visiting us.  We will continue to introduce healthy new Japanese products to you, while always maintaining our dedication to environmental preservation.


Tomoe Watanabe


SONO Founder and Certified Japanese Tea Instructor